Welcome to Chaski’s TITLE Sing-along. Our audiences will love it and, we hope, be inspired to sing along. Please cue up the audio file. You’ll hear a harp introduction to start, then you’ll start singing along with the guide track. Record yourself singing. If you are including video — and we hope you will — either landscape or portrait if fine. We need it back by DEADLINE. Many thanks!

Step 1

Fill out the RELEASE form HERE

Step 2

Download or see the pdf of TITLEmusic HERE!

Step 3

Download or listen to the TITLE mp3 to follow HERE!
Please use earbuds or headphones or very low volume while recording your own singing. If you want to do a video instead of or in addition to audio, please follow these guidelines: singer video guidelines

Step 4

UPLOAD your audio and/or video file(s) HERE by DEADLINE. Please label each file with your full name. The audio file can be mp3 but better would be wav or aiff. If you submit a video, we may only use the audio from it.

if you have questions or need help.


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Flutes, harps & the whole world to play in!

Chaski is what you get when you take a virtuosic flute/harp duo, add a colorful collection of flutes and harps from around the world, and explore music to include them all. For over 30 years Chaski has toured with repertoire ranging from the Mozart Flute/Harp Concerto, to Bolivian huayños, Scottish strathspeys, tunes from Playford's "The English Dancing Master" (published 1651), and world premieres of new works. Chaski frequently works in collaboration with solo artists, choirs, and, most recently, with a modern dance company, accompanying the dancers and performing alongside them..

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